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    Competitive Soccer
    Posted Apr 22, 2017

    The Cook Inlet S.C. Competitive Program is the most recognizable and elite program in Alaska.  Having won over 100 Alaska State Championships and consistantly fairing well at regional tournaments, CISC is committed to developing next level players who hope to play at the collegiate or professional ranks.  

    The Competitive program is built into four stages:

    1. Development Academy - For U9 and U10 teams.  Players in these age groups focus on skill development and players begin to comprehend the tactical side of the game.  Coaches in these age groups have an understanding of the needs of these players in terms of what we train and how we train.  Players in these age groups can expect to train as a team twice a week and participate in Supplemental Training twice a week (during the Fall, Winter & Spring).

    2. Academy - For U11 to U15 teams.  Players in these age groups begin to take their competition out of state.  Coaches continue to focus on sharpening the players technical ability and a larger tactical focus begins to take hold.  This is the most important ages for development as a soccer player, so commitment to team and events becomes exceedingly more important.  Teams can expect to travel once or twice a year, at a minimum.

    3. U16-U19 Premier Academy - Players in these age groups can likely expect to be mixed in with the best players from U16 to U19.  Focus becomes on being showcased to collegiate programs and players begin the process of developing into the "whole" player.  For coaches, the focus is on sharpening tactical awareness and cleaning up technical ability.  Teams can expect to travel twice a year.

    4. Cook Inlet S.C. Premier - This is the Cook Inlet S.C. semi-professional team that is built mainly of college players, as well as top U16-U19 players, and local adults.  This team participates in the United Premier Soccer League (UPSL) and plays/trains during the summer months.  The Cook Inlet S.C. Premier team allows players to train in a high level environment, similar to that of a college program, right here in Alaska.  Tryouts for the Premier team are in the spring and league games runs June & July.



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