Competitive Recreational Soccer Camps College Advisory
Posted Apr 22, 2017

Sample Structure of Introductory Email

**Personalize your letter/email! Demonstrate in some way that you have researched the university and know something particular about the school (reputable major) and soccer program (successes, current players, etc.).**


Coach’s Name (make sure this is correct! You will be surprised!) University
Address, State, Zip

Dear Coach:


The opening paragraph (s) should include your name, grade and graduation year. It should also clearly state your genuine interest in the university and soccer program and why


Explore the possibility of playing soccer at school, visiting campus, meeting with coaching staff, etc.

Playing Background

  • Position, club experience, high school, playing honors, other
  • May include athletic, technical or tactical strengths Academic Background

GPA, ACT/SAT, class rank, intended major

Include your upcoming soccer schedules, showcases, league games, camps, tournaments and all necessary contact information (mailing address, phone numbers, email address).

Include player profile


Thank you for reviewing my credentials Respectfully,

Your Name (make sure you sign it!)