Competitive Recreational Soccer Camps UPSL
Under-8 (6 and 7 year olds)
Posted Apr 23, 2017

The CISC U8 Program is similar to U6. However, coaches will begin to place more of a focus on teamwork and passing as well as technical development.  Players will begin to recognize teammates and enjoy playing in a team environment.  

The U8 program plays once a week during our Fall, Winter and Spring leagues (Saturday mornings) and twice a week during our Summer League (Tuesday & Thursday).  Each session is 1-hour long and contains a 30-minute training followed by a 30-minute game against an opposing team. Games will be in a 3v3 or 4v4 format.

In order to make our U8 sessions run smoothly and be fun, it is important players, parents and coaches have a basic understanding of the intellectual, emotional, and physical developmental stage of the players.

• Enjoy playing in pairs
• Are now able to take another’s perspective.
• Still unable to think abstractly – be patient.
• Cooling system still less efficient than adults – still make sure to give frequent water breaks.
• Still prefer playing to watching – keep everyone active during practice.
• Limited attention span
• Have an understanding of time and sequence – “if I do this, then that happens”.
• Some now have a third or fourth speed in addition to stopped and as fast as possible.
• Very aware of adult reactions – be very aware of your reactions.
• Seek out adult approval and need reassurance – be supportive.
• Begin to become aware of peer perception – a social order is beginning to develop.
• Wide range of abilities between children at this age
• Beginning to develop motor memories
• Some become more competitive
• Less active imaginations than U6 players 


Volunteer Coaches:
Our Grassroots soccer program offers the opportunity for those interested in coaching to volunteer to become a coach. All volunteer coaches receive credit for their child’s participation in Grassroots. Before each season we will have a coaches clinic and all of our volunteer coaches are given age appropriate materials and training so that they can offer quality-training sessions to their teams. If you wish to volunteer please register below.