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U12 Game Schedule
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    Cook Inlet S.C. U12 Recreation
    Posted Apr 24, 2017

    Fall, Winter & Spring Programs
    Our U12 Fall, Winter, and Spring programs are for players ages 10-11. They play with a size 4 ball and their games are two 25-minute halves, playing 7v7. There will also be an additional practice each week at a location TBD. These programs are coed for the indoor seasons.

    Games are played indoors at the Anchorage Dome for Winter 2019 on Saturday mornings.

    Summer Programs
    Our U12 Summer program is for players aged 10-11 players play with a size 4 ball, and the games are two 25-minute halves. During the summer, each team will have one practice and two games per week. Games are two 25-minute halves with the teams playing 9-a-side. The coach will determine the location and times of the practices. This program is gender specific in the summer, so we will have boys and girls teams! Games are played in the evenings at Anchorage Gardens on Monday through Thursday at either 6:00, 7:00 or 8:00PM.

    All U12 teams will play in the end of the Summer season tournament, the 2020 CISC Cup.  Tournament games will be played in the evenings at the end of the Summer season TBD.

    Volunteer Coaches:

    Our Recreation soccer program offers the opportunity for those interested, to volunteer to coach. All volunteer coaches receive credit for their child’s participation in the Recreation program.

    Before each season we will have a Coaches Clinic. All volunteer coaches are given age appropriate materials and training so that they can offer quality-training sessions to their teams. If you wish to volunteer please register below.

    2019 Fall Outdoor Recreation Player Registration
    2019 Fall Outdoor Volunteer Recreation Coach Registration